X937cEtjDear friends,

Thank you for your support and your encouragement.

The election results may not have been what we had hoped for, but let us continue to work together to bring progressive change to our city and our country.

I have been blessed with a long and rewarding career in public service. And I’ve learned a few lessons the hard way. A joyful life is not without sad moments. A successful race is not without setbacks. Instilling of progressive values is not without challenges. The road to our dreams is not without losses.

One additional thing that life, and Jack, have taught me is that after each of our partial victories, and each of our temporary setbacks, we start over.

We pick ourselves up from our high – or from our low – and along with our fellow travellers we continue to build our dream.

To all those who worked on my campaign, and particularly to all the young people who have devoted so much fighting for our dream, continue to dream no little dreams. Regardless of this setback, or the many little setbacks you will face in the future, never ever let them tell you it can’t be done.

We had a fantastic team. No one will ever know how great our team was until they have canvassed five 40-storey buildings – in one day.

Thank you to the phoners, the sign crew, the canvassers, the fundraisers, the data enterers, the Chinese team, to the election day team and the core team that led the way. They did phenomenal work and brought forward the real issues that matter to people.

In this election, the citizens of Spadina-Fort York wanted to get rid of Stephen Harper. There was an overwhelming desire for change.

It is important for us, for you and me – those of us who believe strongly in the kind of change the NDP offers – to remember that our voters’ desire for change comes from a good place – a place that wants the same dream that we want.

It’s a dream for a more equal society, affordable housing and better transit. A dream to end child poverty and a fair wage for hard work. A dream for acceptance of diversity, gender equality, religious equality, racial equality and the freedom to love who we want.

Jack taught us that hope is better than fear.

I want to teach our two (soon to be three) granddaughters, that fear should never cause them to lose hope, or settle for second best.

It is for their world that we will continue to dream no little dreams.

Thank you so very, very much.




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Please note that receipts for contributions to Olivia Chow’s mayoralty campaign cannot be used for federal and provincial income tax filing purposes. Instead, there is a municipal rebate system in place; the City of Toronto issues a cheque to donors who have signed and mailed in their receipts. All supporters who donated should have received their receipt(s) by February 2015.

After signing and sending the receipt to the City of Toronto’s Elections Services office, the City of Toronto will process your rebate cheque. The first round of rebate cheques will then be mailed out in September 2015. For further information, please email cfo@oliviachow.ca. or check the City of Toronto website. Thank you so much for your financial support of Olivia’s mayoralty campaign‎.


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