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The Jack Layton Leadership will be back starting on the Friday evening of June 10 and continuing through 2 full day workshops on June 11th, and 12th. This is your opportunity to learn from Olivia Chow about how [...]

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An informative video - Building Skills for Change Program http://oliviachow.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Olivia_Chow_Building_Skills-_2016_CLIPCHAMP_360p1.mp4

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If you missed one of our training sessions or are looking for hands-on training to develop your leadership and organizing capacity, our team can come and run a personal session tailored to your needs. We provide customized workshops [...]

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“I was new to organizing. I knew the way things are just isn’t fair, but I didn’t know how to start. Learning to organize has changed all of that.” ~Amanda Harvey-Sanchez. Student Organizer. Do you want to lead [...]


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Please note that receipts for contributions to Olivia Chow’s mayoralty campaign cannot be used for federal and provincial income tax filing purposes. Instead, there is a municipal rebate system in place; the City of Toronto issues a cheque to donors who have signed and mailed in their receipts. All supporters who donated should have received their receipt(s) by February 2015.

After signing and sending the receipt to the City of Toronto’s Elections Services office, the City of Toronto will process your rebate cheque. The first round of rebate cheques will then be mailed out in September 2015. For further information, please email cfo@oliviachow.ca. or check the City of Toronto website. Thank you so much for your financial support of Olivia’s mayoralty campaign‎.


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Thank you for helping me launch the Institute for Change Leaders. We are scaling up our teaching and you can get involved at www.changeleaders.ca ... See MoreSee Less

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You can join me for a weekend community organizing workshop this October 15 + 16. Apply at www.changeleaders.ca/skills2016 ... See MoreSee Less

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